Cocktail Programme
At Mitzo, we take our drinks seriously.

The Art of Drinking

At Mitzo, we take our drinks seriously. Cocktails and service are given the same attention to detail. The produce and herbs are carefully sourced and procured fresh daily. The cocktail experience at Mitzo nurtures innovation and honours tradition, pleasing the classic connoisseur as much as the modern maestro.

The best seats in the house are arguably those at the Cocktail Atelier. With a 3 metre long jellyfish tank as backdrop, and illumination from the glittering bar top, the space is truly a vision to behold. This coveted space seats up to 6 and allows one to watch our cocktail craftsmen in action as they whip up delectable concoctions.

Both in the bar and restaurant areas, music at Mitzo features carefully curated Nu Disco and Neo Soul grooves from the likes of Satin Jackets and Miguel Migs. Suiting both day and night, the music atmosphere is dynamic and upbeat, with faster tempo Deep House selections on the playlist later in the night.”

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